"Bacteria and You: A Love Story" with Dr. Jack Gilbert


"Bacteria and You: A Love Story" with Dr. Jack Gilbert

In recent years, scientists have discovered that our bodies teem with microbial life, which outnumber our cells 10 to one. These bacteria perform extremely important roles in our health and well-being.

In this presentation, Dr. Jack Gilbert, Environmental Microbiologist at Argonne National Laboratory and Associate Professor in the University of Chicago’s Department of Ecology and Evolution – whose work has recently been covered by TIME, Newsweek, and National Geographic – will explore this brave new world, examining some examples of how your microbial world influences your health and highlighting the ways in which your lifestyle, diet and medical treatment can influence your microbiome. He will also discuss how bacteria could help combat Alzheimer’s, autism and cancer.

Gilbert’s research team will even swab shoulders or cell phones of audience members who are interested in having their microbial world sequenced and interpreted.

gilbert-headshot.jpgJack Gilbert, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Part-Time) Department of Ecology & Evolution Environmental Microbiologist: Argonne National Laboratory